MMS Spacecraft being prepared for launch
Electron Drift Instrument (EDI) developed for MMS
Spin Place Double Probe (SDP) developed for MMS
Van Allen Probes
What We Offer
  • Program Management
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Continuous Risk Management (CRM)
  • Life-cycle tracking
  • Schedule reporting and tracking

  • Engineering
  • System architecture - Overall system design and management
  • Embedded processor design - FPGA development and programming
  • Interface architecture - Design including SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553B, Ethernet, cPCI, SPI, I2C
  • Software Architecture - VxWorks, RTEMS, and custom operating systems in C and C++
  • EGSE hardware - Custom configurations tailored to project requirements
  • EGSE software - Systems based on GSEOS and LabView
  • High-voltage optical couplers - Custom opto-couplers for ground or spaceflight applications
  • High-voltage power supplies – Precision power supplies for spaceflight applications
  • Radiation detectors - Measuring devices for charged particles, gamma-rays, and neutrons
  • Project Support
  • Systems Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Parts procurement
  • Clean room facilities
  • Thermal / vacuum test facilities
  • Administrative support